USA HomeSafe has partnered with Vivint and is a proud reseller. We offer some of the most advanced equipment in the industry. Unlike most that offer restrictive, pre-packaged plans, we along with Vivint focuses on a customized solutions that fits your need.

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Keep a watchful eye over your doorstep

Vivint Doorbell Camera™ detects, auto-records, and notifies you when someone approaches your door. A wide-angle lens and night vision record clear video 24/7, so porch pirates don’t escape undetected.

Front-Door Control

You Won’t Miss a Ring.

Every smart home system should start with a doorbell camera. Your front door is, after all, the gateway to your home.

Two-Way Talk, One-Way Video

See and speak to whoever’s at your door.

Vivint Smart Clips™

Review recorded video clips on demand to track doorstep activity.

Night Vision

Get a clear view of your doorstep, even when it’s dark outside.

Custom Notifications

You’ll never miss a visitor with notifications sent straight to your mobile device.

Wide-angle Lens

Get the full picture with a 180° wide-angle view of the area around your door.

Smart Visitor Detection

Forget passing cars and critters. Get notified only when someone, not something, approaches your door.

See everything outside your door at any time.

Vivint Doorbell Camera brings elegant design, understated form, and high-tech function to your entryway. Our wireless doorbell camera is more useful than an old ding-dong doorbell, more subtle than a security camera, it’s a video doorbell with a 180-degree lens, HD resolution, and infrared night vision to see everything outside your door at any hour.

There’s no place like home.

Ping gives you a crystal-clear view of your home. Crisp, high-definition video catches every detail while a wide-angle lens opens up entire rooms. Advanced image technology lets you see what you want to see, day or night. It’s the next best thing to being there.

Two-way talk

Call in to family at home while you're on the go

One-touch callout

Your family can contact you instantly with the push of a button.

Infrared night vision

See what's happening in your home, any time, day or night.

Custom notifications

Mobile notifications alert you when something happens.

Vivint Playback™

Lets you save 30 days of continuous indoor camera footage.

*Requires purchase of a Vivint Smart Drive.

HD + Wide angle

Wide-angle lens plus HD resolution to catch all the action.

Ping in, Ping out.

Two-way talk gives you a direct connection to home from your mobile device. Check in any time to see to see if your kids are staying out of mischief, if they’re doing their homework, or just to say, “hi.” And your loved ones can easily reach you, too.


Don’t wait for smoke signals

Undetected fires can rip through a modern home in only a few minutes. Vivint Smart Home systems include Smoke Detectors equipped with photoelectric sensors to sound the alarm when increased heat or smoke get detected, so you’ll know about fire danger even before you smell the smoke.

Vivint Smoke Detector & Alarm

The Fire Protection You Need.

The Peace of mind you want.

Wireless Transmission

Built-in wireless transmitter that communicates with Vivint SkyControl Panel

Battery Powered

Battery powered and wireless

Automatic Alarm Triggers

When smoke or excessive heat is detected, a local fire alarm sounds while the built-in transmitter sends a signal to SkyControl.

Wider Coverage

Designed to provide protection within a 35-foot radius of unit

SkyControl Notification

Sends messages to SkyControl regarding tampering and battery condition

Vivint Smart Home Integration

Playback fully integrates with Vivint Smart Home so you can view saved video recordings on your mobile device or SkyControl panel.

Smoke Detector keeps working in power outages

Fire danger increases when power outages lead to burning candles and kerosene heaters and cooking on outdoor stoves inside. When you combine wireless Smoke Detectors with the backup battery of Vivint SkyControlTM Panel, your fire alarms keep working no matter what the weather does.

Intelligent video for proactive protection.

The Vivint Outdoor Camera Pro: Think of it as your own personal security guard patrolling your home 24/7. It’s the only surveillance camera with Smart Sentry™, which intelligently identifies and automatically deters true threats, using light and sound to let lurkers know they’ve been spotted. It doesn’t just record crime—it helps prevent it.

Smart Home Surveillance

Proactive Protection

When it comes to safety and security, the outside of your home is just as important as the inside. So keep an eye on your home from anywhere, day or night, with the Vivint Outdoor Camera.

HD + Wide Angle

A wide-angle lens with HD resolution catches all the action.

Motion Detection

Movement within the camera's field of vision triggers auto-recording.

True Night Vision

Infrared LED night vision for 24/7 protection and security.

WiFi Connectivity

Cameras automatically transfer surveillance clips to Vivint Smart Drive.

Vivint Smart Clips

Motion detection triggers recording of 20-second clips.

Vivint Smart Home App

Monitor your home's exterior and view camera footage remotely.

Get the full HD view.

See what’s happening outside your home from anywhere, day or night. With a 4k HDR sensor, you can get live and recorded video in 1080p resolution. Your screen even maintains an HD image as you zoom in so you can get a clear view of faces, license plates, and other critical details—all from your phone.

Massive video storage without the massive bill

Store more video, save more money with Vivint Playback™. For a fraction of the cost of most other video storage solutions, Playback gives you continuous recording on your choice of four Vivint cameras, then saves 30 days of video footage.

Vivint Playback DVR and Home Surveillance

Never Miss a Moment.

Every smart home system should be able to store full month of video footage and be able to use it for the purpose intended for in future, if requred or simply record your home and memories.

Vivint Smart Drive

Playback service comes with a Vivint Smart Drive, a 1TB, low-cost video storage solution.

Continuous recording

Save a month of footage from up to four cameras and browse minute-by-minute using event markers.

Event Markers

Simplifies video search by placing markers in your timeline whenever cameras detect motion or other activity.

Low Cost Subscription

Continuous video recording and storage for a fraction of what other video storage solutions cost.

Multi-Camera Recording

Select up to four cameras, including indoor, outdoor, and doorbell cameras to get a more complete picture.

Vivint Smart Home Integration

Playback fully integrates with Vivint Smart Home so you can view saved video recordings on your mobile device or SkyControl panel.

Catch all the action from up to four cameras

Dedicate up to four Vivint cameras to Playback—including indoor, outdoor, and doorbell cameras—to curate continuous recordings from all around your home. Playback helps you compile the complete picture of doorstep visitors, flagged events, and significant moments from the past month.

Be the first to know.

Ever dealt with the messy aftermath of a leaky dishwasher, bathtub, or flooded basement? An unnoticed leak or standing water can wreak havoc on your house. Water Sensors let you know immediately when water appears where it shouldn’t be to help you minimize damage and avoid extra repair costs.

Vivint Water Sensor

Keep Water Damage at Bay.

The Peace of mind you want.

Moisture Monitoring

Detects leaks and standing water.


Alerts you to the presence of water or freezing temperatures.

Temperature Monitoring

Detects freezing temperatures.

Tamper Alerts

Get notified when sensors are disturbed.

Wireless Convenience

Battery powered for versatile placement.

Vivint Smart Home Integration

Fully integrates with Vivint Smart Home so you can view saved events and recordings on your mobile device or SkyControl panel.

Too cold is not a good thing.

Use Water Sensors to ensure your pipes don’t freeze and burst. With Water Sensors you’ll get notified when temperatures in your home are dangerously low—helping you avoid costly damage to pipes, floors, furniture, and appliances for starters.

One app

Manage your home and car security in the same mobile app.

Tamper alerts

Know if your car is being stolen, towed or just bumped so you can act.

Syncs with home

Activate lights or video recording when your vehicle is disturbed.

Location tracking

In-app map lets you know location of family members or a stolen or towed car.

Car diagnostics

Monitor car status with maintenance reminders and notifications about mechanical issues.

Wide angle

Wide-angle lens plus HD resolution to catch all the action and coverage.

One app. Double protection.

We make managing family and home simple. Your vehicle is no exception, which is why we integrated vehicle protection with the Vivint Smart Home App. If your property is threatened—car or home—receive alerts and notifications through the app.

Secure Your Home from Anywhere

On your way to work and forgot to arm your security system? Thanks to Our mobile app, you can control any part of your system and check up on your home right from your smartphone, computer, or tablet.

Professional Installation

On-site Technical Support

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Complete Integrated System

One App for Your Whole Smart Home

Integrated Doorbell, Indoor and Outdoor Camera

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